MagicWig Productions, Inc. produces high-end video for film, television and communications, and stages large-scale conferences & events.

  • One-Minute Demo

    There’s a lot we could say about what we do here at MagicWig.  We bring together a unique combination of services and talents- from pre-production through post-production, set design to staging…  But at the core of our business is one fundamental value: we love to wow.  We bring top-notch expertise and the highest standards to every project we undertake.  But if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to see for yourself. This demo won a 2015 Telly Award for Online Promotion of a Production Company.

  • Emmy Award-Winning Brewed in New York

    We’re thrilled to announce that MagicWig’s original television series, Brewed in New York, recently took home two Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  In this 13-episode series, co-hosts Matt Archambault and Maya Contreras travel across the state to visit New York’s craft breweries, learning about the personalities, ingredients, and local geography that contribute to each region’s unique craft beverage culture. Brewed in New York aired throughout NY State in 2018 and is now rolling out online. Find out more at

  • “It’s a Girl” AAUW PSA

    Sometimes your passions, talents and subject matter converge in a special way. Such was the case with this AAUW “It’s a Girl” PSA. We were asked to write and produce a spot that would move audiences to action through simple yet impactful messaging. To this end, we wrote the script, cast the talent, chose the right location, and shot the narrative with a clear vision in mind. We are so proud to work with this organization on its mission and hope that it shows in the final outcome.

  • IWBI Website Launch Video

    MagicWig understands how important it is to mobilize your brand on multiple platforms. When the International WELL Building Institute was ready to announce the launch of their new website, they turned to us to create a video that would showcase the site’s features in a dynamic way. This custom motion graphics video was projected on a large screen at a launch party event, and then immediately made available online for maximum impact.

  • “Iconic” Greenbuild Opener

    The theme for the annual Greenbuild Convention in 2016 was “Iconic Green.”  We created this video to launch that theme at the conference’s keynote session in LA’s Microsoft Theater.  We are proud to have a longstanding relationship with the U.S. Green Building Council and to be able to appreciate how meaningful it is for them to have grown from a “fringe” movement to something that is now mainstream and truly “iconic”. We used this insight to create the script, choose the right music and imagery, and put it all together in a motion graphics piece that could energize the room full of its community members.

  • “Night Practice” Blue Rock Energy Spot for John Holser Productions

    MagicWig Productions, Inc. teamed up with John Holser Productions on this spot for their client, BlueRock Energy. Directed by John Holser, with MagicWig’s Justin Maine as Cinematographer and Cameron Seeger as 1st AC / Behind the Scenes Unit Camera Operator. Cameron’s BTS footage was used by the Digital Film Farm to create some impressive online learning tools after the shoot. We’re proud to share another successful collaboration with John Holser Productions!  

  • Monotype Pencil to Pixel Exhibit

    We were thrilled to be asked to capture on video the essence of this artistic installation celebrating the impact of the Monotype font throughout its hundred year history. Shot at the Tribeca Skyline Studio in New York on the SONY PMW-F3 with Zeis Super Speed Prime kit, with Canon 7D and 5Ds for time-lapses and second unit b-roll. Edited in house.

  • “Leadership Jazz” Opener for Superdome

    As part of our staging for Greenbuild 2014 at the New Orleans Superdome, we were asked to create an opening video that introduced the event’s theme, “Leadership Jazz,” inspired by Max DePree’s popular book. We had a great time choosing music that celebrated the local culture, writing a script about the similarities between strong leadership and authentic jazz, and then putting it all together into something that “sings.” Opening videos are a great way to gather the attention of a large audience and set the tone for the session.

  • Greenbuild 2013 Event Recap Video

    In addition to staging the giant Opening Plenary session and producing a whole range of video content for USGBC’s annual Greenbuild conference, we also capture video coverage of the entire event as it takes place- from educational presentations to networking, entertainment and interviews.  This piece showcases Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia, which drew some very high profile presenters including Hillary Rodham Clinton as the keynote speaker.  The recap video is used on Greenbuild’s website to refresh the experience for past attendees and promote attendance at future conferences.    

  • GBIG Branding Video

    GBIG stands for the Green Building Information Gateway.  It’s a website created by the U.S. Green Building Council to share information and statistics about LEED certified buildings across the globe.  We were asked to create a video for the site’s launch that showcased not only the functionality of the website, but also its many applications across sectors.  We achieved this goal by combining energizing music, a concise script, beautiful video footage, and dynamic motion graphics.

  • Why Greenguard?

    Why Greenguard? is a branding video that establishes what the Greenguard seal is and why customers should look for it on interior products. For this video, we began by creating a visual pitch that involved using motion graphics to illustrate the difference between poor quality and healthier indoor air.  From there, we created a script, cast a narrator, and chose music.  The video was shot against a green screen using treadmills for the walking shots and camera tracking markers, so that that motion graphic elements could be added in later and move appropriately with the camera. Shot with the Panasonic HDX-900 edited in FCP and composited in AE. 3D Animation created in Maya. This is a Silver Telly Award Winning Video […]

  • Project Haiti

    Following Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010, the U.S. Green Building Council launched an effort to build a LEED Platinum-Certified orphanage in Haiti.  As part of the initial phases of this project, USGBC asked MagicWig to create a verite-style video that would capture the heart of the cause, document the groundwork as it is laid, and encourage viewers to get involved with support.  MagicWig crew followed USGBC and the Architects from HOK to Haiti for a week to capture this footage. The finished video aired for 7,000 people in Toronto’s Air Canada Centre as part of the Opening Plenary at the 2010 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.

  • So Right So Smart Trailer

    This is the movie trailer for our award-winning feature film, So Right So Smart, narrated by Daryl Hannah.  This documentary celebrates the businesses that have begun to take positive steps toward an environmentally-sustainable future, and showcases those that are “doing well by doing good.”  At the heart of the story is “radical industrialist” Ray Anderson, whose environmental epiphany inspired him to convert his carpet company from a “well-oiled machine” to a zero-impact business by 2020. We shot this film over two years and recorded over 400 hours of footage.  The film has played at countless festivals across the globe and has won numerous international awards.  For more information, visit

  • SIRSY “Revolution” Music Video

    SIRSY is a nationally-recognized band that hails from our home town.  This is a music video for their song “Revolution,” which is also featured in the opening credit sequence of our documentary So Right So Smart. Our Director/DP liked the song so much, he also shot and edited this live music video for the song at- wait for it- Revolution Hall in Troy, New York.   Revolution song ©2007 SIRSY


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