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Brewed In NY

Updated: May 17

Thirsty for adventure? We’ve got you covered with this 13-episode Emmy Award Winning craft beer series

that inspires audiences to explore all New York has to offer. (check out Brewed in NY on YouTube)

Craft beer is on the rise across the country, and New York has been near the center of the revolution. With now over 500 breweries across the state, New York is currently ranked 2nd in the country for number of craft breweries.

But craft beer is not about mass production; it is about passionate locals employing artisan skills to infuse the values of their community into flavorful and memorable brews.

In each half hour episode of Brewed in New York, hosts Matt and Maya travel to a different tourism region of the state, visiting craft breweries and learning how the unique geography, agriculture, and character of the region influences each brewery’s individual story & craft. 

Behind the scenes with show co-host Matt Archambault.

Brewed in New York won two Emmy awards in 2019 for Writing and Cinematography.

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