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Nice to Tweet You

Updated: Feb 20

Is tweeting strictly for the birds? Find out in this funny "flight to the finish" between nature and technology. An original short film from Director Justin Maine. Story by Scott Biski, Justin Maine and Leanne Robinson-Maine.

The seed for this story, a bird frustrated with humans tweeting, came out of an improv session Biski and Maine were doing with Biski's bird puppet character for an upcoming audition. Biski developed the story and shared with Justin and the two collaborated on the project. Maine's goal with the project was to tell the puppet story in the "real world" as opposed to an artificial studio location. We had to find just the right place to put the puppets. Maine knew, "Biski's skill in puppetry would breathe life into all of the characters".

Starring Scott Biski, Rebecca Boswell, with additional puppetry by Natalie Pizzolo. Produced by Justin Maine & Leanne Robinson-Maine, Edited by Cameron Seeger with an original score from Joe Kraemer.

© 2015 MagicWig Productions, Inc.

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